Berry Pickin’

For a few years I have been wanting to go raspberry picking! I like raspberries but sometimes they are too tart & I would rather have a strawberry… but these raspberries picked right off the bush & amazing! We went to McBride Briar Patch in Mapleton, UT because I read the reviews of a few & this one sounded the best. Well it is the cutest little farm next to a couple’s house & they have so many berries & other fruit. I want to go again before the season ends because the berries are that good! Also I want to go again just to hang out with the couple that runs it… hands down the nicest people! They loved Beck so much!

Beck ate SO many raspberries he couldn’t carry his own bucket because he would clean it out haha. The neighbors have deer which is so fun & Beck would feed them raspberries with no fear & stick his whole hand in their mouth! Beck had the time of his life & he was SO messy when we left. His bath when we got home left the water brown haha so that’s how you know it was a success!

Well I may have not picked enough for jam but I am still wanting to make something yummy! So if you have any good raspberry recipes let me know! I was thinking maybe crepes or something like that.

Watch for a video coming soon on our YouTube channel!

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