How to Spend a Holiday Monday!

I obviously love when Eric is off of school & work especially for a Holiday Monday! It is so fun to be together as a family. Sometimes it is hard to come up ideas of what to do. I feel like we have to have a full day planned & we always do the same old stuff. Today we decided to spend the day outside as a family since the weather has been warming up! I gathered some bread & we headed down to the lake to feed the ducks! I was so excited to see Beck’s face light up as the ducks surrounded him. He loves animals & this is something simple that I have been excited to do with him! We got a little worried that all the ducks would be down south but we found some! We also found a ton of seagulls! Beck liked the seagulls even more since they were flying around & a lot more fun to watch than the ducks! Beck was squawking like a bird haha it was so fun! I love experiencing these simple things through the eyes of my son! The world is full of so much good & having a child reminds me of that every day with the simple things that make him smile. So while we didn’t find as many ducks as there usually are we found a ton of seagulls & it felt so good to be outside as a family!

After being outside we decided that even though the weather was only in the 50’s we couldn’t go back inside! We made our way up the canyon to walk along the trail. There was a little bit of a breeze & it was just perfect. It seems like forever since we have been together doing something as fun & relaxing as a family walk! I am so over winter & am ready for more spring days where we can find fun free family activities to enjoy! Cheers to more Holiday Monday’s!

Stroller: Baby Jogger City Select

Beck’s Pants: Second Stitch to the Right

Beck’s Hat: Jack & Winn

Beck’s Shoes: Freshly Picked

Baby Carrier: Ergobaby

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