My snow angel baby! Beck’s 1st time in the snow!

Beck loves being outside! He always has! When we are inside & you walk past a window he starts trying to grab the blinds and is kicking his legs like crazy! When he was really small we often would have to take him for a little stroll outside to get him to calm down & stop crying.  I like winter because of Christmas. I always want a white Christmas because it is so magical! But once Christmas is over I am kind of a grouch about the cold & the snow. January always seems to just drag on. I decided that even though Beck is little we are going to make the most of his first winter.

It has been snowing so much! Beck loves being outside in the snow & don’t worry we bundle him all up & we only stay outside for a few minutes. I saw a funny meme that I am sure only becomes more true with the more kids & winters you have. It said something like 30 minutes to get bundled to go out in the snow only to stay outside for 10 minutes before everyone is crying because of the cold.

Here’s to trying to enjoy the snow & loving on this snow baby! Because let’s be honest how can you not go crazy over a baby in a snow suit?! I know everyone says it but you can’t help but quote A Christmas Story & picture Randy in his snow suit he can’t move in! And let’s be honest, making snow angels is way better than shoveling!

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