Collect moments not things!

Since Beck has come into our family I have been trying to simplify my life. I want to be able to easily focus on the things that matter most. I also don’t want to have tons of stuff for Beck to get into! I  recently bought a sign that says collect moments, not things… I love it but I thought it was funny I bought something to tell me that haha. Since buying this sign I have been determined to always remind myself less is more.

It’s almost time that I need to baby-proof the whole house! Beck is trying to scoot so bad & he is getting close! So it felt good to get rid of a lot of things I was sick of & were in the way.

I decided to redo our living room. Yes I had to buy new things but I sold so much that I had before that I was able to buy all of it with money I paid from de-cluttering. Win win! Since I have finished the living room I really haven’t bought any extra decorating stuff & it feels so good! I still have so much holiday decor that I need to go through & get rid of since it takes so much space to store. I have kind of been obsessed with getting rid of tons of things & I love the high it gives me haha that’s what I like to call it. It is so nice not to feel tied down by things!

Here is the collage wall that existed before the redo. I collected things & worked so long to make this perfect when we got married. It obviously isn’t too in style anymore & it took up a whole wall, & I had stuff on every wall! It was a little hard to sell the first piece but then after that I wanted it all gone asap!


collage wall

collage wall 2

I had a few people that bought quite a few pieces to make their own collage wall & that made me happy! I am so in love with our new living room that I never miss the collage wall. I wish I had more photos of the rest of the living room before but literally it has all be changed! Every piece of furniture is different besides the couch & I love our new space. It is decorated with fall decor now & I cannot wait to get my Christmas decor up! Hopefully this week!



















It is amazing how re-decorating my living room made such a change! I love having a place I love to be with those I love!

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