If anything this post is for me, but maybe others can relate. I want to remember how I felt during these days & how much joy I have in my life. Right now life is so busy. Not as much for me as it is for Eric. I have a lot of down time when I am not baby wrangling. Here is a peek into what our life is like right now.

Eric has 2 jobs and is taking a very full course load at school right now. I always heard that Anatomy was hard but man is it hard!!! If you have taken Anatomy you deserve a 44 oz drink right now! So Eric is taking Anatomy, a bunch of other science classes & lab classes. The plan is medical school so he is busting his buns! He has classes 5 days a week, day & night classes & most every single night he stays studying at the library til midnight. I am not trying to complain, I know this is how medical school will be so I hope that I am somewhat prepared! Eric works so hard for us & I know it is hard on him too being gone all the time. I wish I could do his homework while he got some sleep!

Obviously we only have one baby & it would be so much harder if we had more kids! Beck is quite a fussy baby though and it is hard doing it all day & night on my own. Sometimes I do feel a little down. I don’t try to tell Eric to distract him or make him worry. I try not to compare myself to others & friends who get to spend the weekend as a family.

All those single moms out there or whose husbands are deployed etc you deserve a fountain machine in your house! Wouldn’t that be the best? Doing it on your own is tough stuff.

I have been thinking a lot about joy and how we are meant to have joy in our life. Last weekend was General Conference & I loved how many times joy & true happiness was mentioned.  I loved President Nelson’s talk. Watch it here. Something that brings me immense joy is the gospel & I loved re-watching the inspired conference talks.

I want to focus all my time feeling grateful for all the things in my life that bring me joy. Here are a few that have been on my mind:

Beck!!! Look at him! Half the time I look into his eyes while I rock him at night & I swell up with tears. It feels like I have always known & loved him. He is one of my biggest blessings.


A bubble bath! I can’t wait to get some of the Lush Halloween Bath Bombs! I want my tub to be pumpkin spiced! Bath time is Beck’s happy place too. I love watching his hair flow in the water & him splash like crazy.

Fall! This season is beautiful, especially in Utah! I need to take Beck on more walks in this crisp air. Everything that goes along with fall, such as pumpkin spice, sweaters, pumpkin patches, Halloween etc.

Christmas is just around the corner! Isn’t that crazy? I can’t wait to see Beck during the holidays! I have always loved holidays but they are right when they say that holidays are so much better with kids!

Soda! Okay I shouldn’t love my Diet Dr. Pepper as much as I do, I know! But man a good Swig drink just fills the cracks of the soul haha. I love getting Dr. Pepper with Peach, Vanilla Cream & light ice! What is your favorite?

Of course there are so many more things that bring me joy but these were a few on my mind tonight. I want to blog especially at night as a hobby & a way to journal write. I have always tried really hard to live in the moment & not wish away the days but it always is a struggle! I hate the dishes but I want to find joy in even the dishes & not having a dishwasher. So maybe I am going to dance my way through the dishes. I have a print in my kitchen that says this kitchen is for dancing & I need to uphold that motto. I also am trying hard to organize our house & declutter, it has been a lot of work but it is bringing me joy. I am trying to make a lot of new recipes & that has been fun. I am on a soup kick & my mom has been teaching me all the tricks!

Everything has a time. Don’t wish any of it away. I pray time crawls. Even though life is busy & kind of hard right now Beck is growing like a weed. He is almost 6 months. My mama heart can’t handle that. But I am finding joy in watching him learn new things & seeing how much joy food brings him haha.

Look for joy & you will find it. Tonight I am going to bed happy looking down as I am typing this & seeing sweet potato puree in my wedding ring, I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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