Savoring Summer!

It is almost the middle of AUGUST?! How did that happen? I have always loved back to school time and the excitement that comes with getting new outfits, meeting teachers etc. But it also makes me sad because I know the long summer nights are coming to an end! Thank goodness fall follows because I do love fall! If it went right from summer to winter I don’t think I could take it! Just think that we soon we have pumpkin bread to look forward to! But before pumpkin spice comes along, I want to make the most of the tiny bit of summer that is left!

I have made a personal goal that I am going to make the most of the rest of the HOT days that are left! Even though my family is small and I only have a small baby, there are still things we can do together as a family to make the most of it! Even if it isn’t something super exciting every day!

-Eat meals outside! Take advantage of that patio, porch, yard etc.

– Picnics! Even if it is just in your back yard or a park close by! This mat in my pictures is from Gathre. They are awesome and so easy to wipe off and bring along unlike a bulky blanket!


basket o apples.jpg

– Take advantage of the Olympics! Along with that get your kids excited about the Olympics! I follow someone who is doing the cutest thing! She is drawing with chalk different sports in the Olympics! For example for gymnastic, she will draw a beam and rings etc and have her kids holding on to them (as they lay on the pavement.) It is so cute! In 4 years I will definitely be doing that with little Beck who will be old enough to love it!

– Chalk in general! Hopscotch and other games with chalk!

– Have your own Olympics with your kids! Think The Office, those episodes are the best! Minute to Win it type games with hula hoops, jump rope etc and make medals out of painted paper plates and ribbon!

– Make Play Dough, Slime or anything like that! Pinterest is full of recipes to make stuff like that!

– Go to the Zoo! If you are local to Utah, this website has all the information about how and where to get the best Hogle Zoo deals!

– Farmer’s Markets! Bike there & bring a picnic or get lunch there! I promise you will be hungry seeing all the good food there so if you are trying to save money or eat healthy bring a picnic or snacks with you!

– Of course the splash pad and pool! Even if you might be getting sick of them, in just a few short weeks they will be closed and you will miss them!

swimming beck

– Visit the library! Make it more fun and have a theme your kids have to find a book that relates to such as a woodland animal etc

– Take advantage of your grill! Grilling in the summer is so good and it is nice to not heat up your kitchen with your oven! I recently made pizzas on the grill and they were sooo good & easy! They may not have been too pretty but I made a BBQ chicken, Thai & Pesto pizza!

grill pizza.jpg

– Movie fort nights! Make it super fun with different flavored popcorn!

– Backyard camping! S’more making is a must! I love the taste and how easy s’mores are to make with Elf Striped Cookies and then just the marshmallow in between!

– Outdoor backyard movie on a sheet! Invite the neighbors and friends over! You provide the movie and they can bring a treat to share!

– Free museums! There are a lot if you look for them and the history can be interesting! If you are Utah local, Thanksgiving Point has $2 Tuesday’s which is a steal!

– Geocaching! It is so much fun! Use a GPS to find boxes hid places and leave something and take something! It’s like a real life treasure hunt! Kids love it! I love it! There is an awesome geocaching app that makes it so fun! Go to the dollar store before or find things in your house your kids are willing to part with and take them geocaching!

– Have a themed day! My family has done this before and it is so fun! Get the dice from a Scattergories game and roll it. Whatever letter it lands on, you have to do everything that say that starts with that letter! It can cause you to be creative and it’s so fun! I remember one time we got D so we got doughnuts, dollar movies, dunking for apples haha it’s so fun!

– Stargazing! There are awesome apps that you point up at the sky and it tells you what constellation it is! Teach your kids about them and they will love it!

– Make flavored lemonades! Add different fruit! Freeze fruit ice cubes and mix it up!

– Have a pillow fight, tickle fight, water fight etc.

But most importantly I am going to enjoy doing anything & everything I can with my family before my husband heads back to school!

What else are you mamas doing this summer with you family and kiddos? I would love to hear what you do to make the most of the summer!