everyone has to start somewhere right?

Oh hello there! It might in fact be quite embarrassing that I am just now starting a blog now, talk about missing the band wagon! Well over the years I have started multiple blogs and never done anything at all with them! In fact… I have had this blog domain since we got married more than 2 years ago, yikes! I have decided that this time I am going to get this blog a going! If not for anything else but for me to document and watch our bitty family grow! Life flies by and I already find myself getting emotional thinking about our little baby growing up so fast! Just so you know our little man on the way aka baby cherry isn’t even here yet so I am blaming the emotions on me being 37 weeks pregnant! I am a mess these days! All growing up I was an avid journal writer and the last few years I have found myself thinking I am too busy and tired to write down sweet things that happen to me! It’s so sad! So if anything this blog can also be my online journal since I just know the best is yet to come!