Funnel Cakes & Fun Slides


In the last week we have been to 2 carnivals! If it weren’t for all the carnie people we might let Beck join the circus… he loves people watching so much! Beck just like his mama also loves all the carnival food… funnel cakes, churros, ribbon fries, fry bread ahh my mouth is watering!

Good thing summer in Utah means weekend city events like this because I kind of want to go to more! I hope we can make it to a rodeo this summer too. Beck doesn’t sit still like ever… but I think he would love watching all the horses! My family always gets bleacher seats at the big 4th of July parade & I am so excited to watch Beck this year try to get all the candy & watch the big horses.

This pictures just sum up what I want summer to be about… one long weekend & so far we are doing a good job at it! Beck brings so much light & happiness to our lives.

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