How to make mealtime easier for you & your toddler!

Beck is an eater & always has been! But he is messy messy messy! I get so worried feeding him a lot in public & when we are on the go because whatever it is usually ends up all over him. Something that has made my life so much easer & something that Beck can’t get enough of are Gerber® Smart Flow™ Grabbers!

Beck has been sick the past week & if you try to put finger food on his highchair tray he won’t even try to pick it up. He has had a Gerber® Grabber every day! He loves how smooth they are on his throat & he literally always says “yummmm!” as he eats them, it is so cute haha.

Something else that I love is how soft the spout is! An improved softer spout with rounder edges & a controlled slower flow is definitely a #pouchWIN. They are called grabbers for a reason! I always find myself on the daily putting some in our church bag, diaper bag, car etc they really make life easier & Beck loves that he can be in control of feeding himself!

I want you to try them for yourselves & you will see how amazing they are!

Get your coupon here!!!

Once you have your coupon head to a Kroger or Ahold grocery store! I got mine at Smith’s & they had a pretty good selection!

After you get some Gerber® Smart Flow™ Grabbers share you own #PouchWIN on social media! I know that you will love them as much as we do!

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  1. Great idea ! I need these went my grandson comes over no mess

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