Beck’s $7 Easter Basket!

I am a holiday lover but this year for Easter I am taking it kind of easy. I just feel like Easter has crept up on me! I can’t believe it is this weekend! I am not even doing a basket for Eric for the 1st time haha I will again in the future but my mom is giving us each a basket so we are calling that good. My mom is giving Beck a Easter basket also but of course I am going to give him one too especially since it is his 1st Easter. I decided I would try to make a basket for under $10! All of the contents of Beck’s basket I found for a dollar! This price isn’t including the basket, I got it for $9. I was going to use a basket I already had but I saw this one & couldn’t stop picturing him carrying it around at egg hunts so I bought it.

Here is what I put in Beck’s basket. Super easy but things that will entertain him since he isn’t too picky with his toys haha. I think I am calling it good this year with this basket! But when they are little they are just excited to have something new!

  • hot wheels car
  • bubbles
  • bouncy ball
  • sidewalk chalk
  • easter straw
  • light up stick
  • bunny headband

What do you moms put in Easter baskets? I am going to need help next year! Also I love books for every holiday & I only have one Easter book! Do you mamas have any books you like to read to your littles in the Spring? I would love to hear if you do!

Easter Basket // Easter Book // Everything else is from the Target dollar section & the bunny straw is from Walmart!

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