Why I Love Air Plants & How to Care for Air Plants!

Is it possible to have a plant spirit animal?! Because I fell in love with that long scarf like air plant & could not take it out of my hands haha! I had to have it! It is a scarf plant that doesn’t even need soil! This is why I love air plants! You can drape this across your house & it adds so much dimension & texture! Other plants just sit there. Yes you can have a cute pot but regular plants are also so much more high maintenance than air plants! I kill normal plants & at least for now when I live in a home that doesn’t get that much sun I am going to stick to air plants & fake plants, but air plants are so much more fun than fake plants!

What do Air Plants need?




When it is time to water your air plant, let it soak soak soak! Do not mist your air plants! Put the air plant in a container of water that has enough water to be able to submerge the air plant. Soak the air plant for 1-2 hours. Do this about once a week. After the air plant has soaked then turn it upside down and leave it on the counter to dry. I recently learned to put the air plant upside down so that the water doesn’t pool up in the leaves. If you find you have air plants that get a little sad looking or dry just soak them a couple times a week & they usually spring right back to life!

As the name suggests they can live in the air as in they don’t need soil haha! With that being don’t keep your air plant in a sealed container where the amount of air it is receiving is limited. I like keeping mine just alone or in an open glass container.

Of course like a regular house plant they need some light. I have had mine in moderate light & they have even survived dark winters & made it to Spring to tell the tale!

There are many varieties & I for sure am not a pro on all the cool types of air plants! I would guess some of them might need a little different of care instructions so I would research whatever specific variety of air plant you buy since there are so many different varieties! I love the big huge one! Those ones can be pricey so I would try your luck at some smaller air plants first. The proper name for air plants is Tillandsia! There are over 600 varieties of Tillandsia but the easy common name is air plant!

A fun fact for you! So the red & peach colored air plants I have are actually painted. I am not sure how they do it but I love the bright color & how much it stands out! They are still alive & I don’t think the color could hurt the plant so I kind of love them! I didn’t know they were painted until my mom figured it out by really inspecting them but they do such a great job that it looks natural!

There are so many countless terrarium options! I love the idea of keeping the air plants sitting on rocks or sand! Or just on their own! Find cool glass boxes, jars or lanterns & have fun! Moss is another thing that looks so cute paired with air plants!

If you are local to Utah County my favorite place by far to find air plants is at Sun River Gardens! That is where I have gotten all of mine! That is where that amazing succulent planter is from that I wish was mine haha. I want to get an amazing arrangement there sometime but need to wait until my thumb is a little more green!

If I can keep air plants alive than anyone can! I wish I had magic skills but I just don’t haha. I hope that this summer I do as we plant a garden & various plants! Grab yourself some air plants & have rearranging them over & over!


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    Thanks for the tips! That long air plant is seriously so cool!

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