things to do in salt lake city, a visit to the aquarium!


One of our families very favorite things to do is to head to Salt Lake for the day! With the winter months it is very chilly of course so it can be hard to find things to do besides outdoor winter activities. Especially now that we have Beck we need indoor activities that we can all enjoy! We love going to the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Beck looooves it!! They have even have a touching pool area where you can touch rays, little sharks, star fish etc. Beck always tries to dive in at that part & totally would swim with them if we would let him!

I wonder if there are other kids whose favorite animal there are the ducks haha. He loves them! There are 2 different spots that have ducks out like this and he can’t ever get enough, we have to hold onto him so tight! I can’t wait until it is warm & we can feed the ducks at the lake! Every time we go we end up taking his shoes off so that we don’t lose them to all the water he is trying to get into! Next time you are visiting the Salt Lake area it is a fun place to go! It isn’t a massive aquarium but it is also a lot less than those big aquariums. During our next visit we are going to try and see if Beck will sit through one of the movies they show, wish us luck!


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