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I can’t help but reminisce on the last six months of my life. Beck is everything I have ever dreamed of and more. I feel like I have always known him & I know that I have. This post should probably be called lessons learned & things to be remembered. I am probably tearing up typing this, I love Beck so much & I am so blessed to have him.

They say silence is golden & I agree sometimes & maybe it goes hand in hand, but sleep is 24k gold! I can survive on so much less sleep than back in the pre beck days. Sleep is a magical juice that helps you get up the next morning & do it all over again! I still once & awhile take a nap while he does & it is magic! I am so glad we have the sleep thing for the most part figured out. I loved those high school days of sleeping in til noon but my life is so much happier now & has so much purpose.. I will gladly give up the extra sleep!

Beck is getting quite the personality.. no idea who he gets it from ahmmm… totally me! He is such a little faker sometimes & loves attention! He fake coughs, laughs & cries.. on the daily! He typically has a really short attention span but there are certain toys that are starting to become his favorites & he will reach for them every time. Something that always catches his eye is a chip bag haha he loves them! I sometimes let him crinkle one up supervised of course & he goes crazy!! He eats whatever he is given & is getting wider by the day!! ahh! His thighs are so delicious! He is a little chunky but not really, just compared to his skinny days. He has always had chubby cheeks & I hope he never loses them. Okay not for a few years so he can keep his precious baby face!

Also pretty sure Beck is part cat! He is obsessed with scratching things.. yeah not sure why haha. I keep his nails short & that helps some but he will be full on putting scratches in our leather couch! For Christmas I want to get him a kitty scratching post, you know one of those ugly carpet house things haha.

His favorite things are: swimming & baths, eating, rock n roll haha aka loud sound/music (we once went to an outdoor concert & he was in love), football games- he loves being outside & full on watches what is going on & aunt rara cheer, being naked & chillin’ with his hands behind his head haha.

Beck is such a flirt! He will wait until you look at him then he will give you a big smile & then bury his head into you, its precious but makes me worried for when he is older haha. He can be super grumpy but if you start putting him to bed most of the time he will start giggling & becoming super silly. Maybe he has caught on that he takes naps when he is grumpy & if he can be happy he can stay up haha nice try mr! That’s when all the giggles happen, especially giggles for dad!

Teething is extra hard. I think he is getting possibly 4 teeth right now! I just feel bad because he seems like he is in so much pain. I wish I could teeth for you Beck! I hope we get through it quickly & have a break of happiness. So far his teeth have just been popping through really fast!

Some days are a little hard with Eric being gone most of the time. But when he is here he is here. He is the best dad to Beck & I already feel like I am left out & they are best buddies.. haha i’m kind of kidding! Mamas that do it alone are toooouuggghh!!

As sad as I am that he is growing so fast he is getting to be so much fun! I can’t handle the thought that in 6 months he will be one! I will admit though that I already have multiple themes I am deciding between for his first birthday party!

I love you Beck! Thanks for letting me be your mama!


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