Rub-a-dub-dub Beck is in the tub!

I love Beck more than I ever thought possible but he is quite the fussy baby! He is getting better the older he gets.. but some days are hard! The last few days he has been extra grumpy. I figured he was teething cause he is constantly drooling & eating his hands but how can you even be sure? Well in the last couple days his first TWO teeth have broke through! They are the cutest tiniest little white specks! I don’t know why but it has made me a little sad how big he is getting!

Something that has helped us have happier days is bath time! Beck LOVES the tub! When we can’t seem to stop crying, in the tub he goes! I always sing him funny songs while he is in the tub haha. Rub-a-dub-dub, Beck is in the tub!

Beck doesn’t usually love sitting in his infant bath, so I have been putting a couple inches of water in the actual tub and laying him in it. He LOVES it! I have the best naked videos of him just going crazy, kicking and splashing & it makes my mama heart swell. It is SO cute! Since he is just laying on the bottom of the tub, he is so slippery! I just found LatherMitts & they are a life saver! I only wish I would have found them sooner! They are a pretty new company & seriously a genius idea!

Picture this! A washcloth in a glove! I can make sure that Beck is getting clean but also have a good grip on him! You also don’t need to worry about your babe getting a rash from these gloves either. LatherMitts are made out of soft cotton terrycloth! Between the fingers there is Neoprene which makes it even easier & safer to grab hold of that slippery little one! With LatherMitts it is so much easier to have a quick bath & not have to worry about getting everything ready. Just grab some soap, mitts, a towel & your babe! Another thing that makes the idea of gloves so genius, is that it is SO much easier to get in between his fingers, chins etc. Yes every time I feed Beck baby food, it results in a bath since he always has food in his rolls I can’t get out haha.

Next time we go on vacation I am definitely bringing these gloves! The last time we went out of town, we had to bring a blow up tub for Beck! It was such an ordeal to pack into the hotel, blow up, deflate etc. LatherMitts are perfect to pack since they take up such little room!

I can’t wait to have LatherMitts for my next baby in the beginning tub days! Bathing a newborn is so scary to me so I know these would give me a lot less stress! My favorite part was having these mitts to grab Beck out of the tub! He is so slippery it makes me so nervous! I think the younger your baby is the more these mitts are a must!

Be sure to check out my Instagram for a giveaway for your own pair of LatherMitts! For a bonus entry, comment on this post with any bath advice, funny bath stories, favorite bath toys etc. I seriously want to buy these for every new mom, they just brilliant & so practical!


I hope as long as I live I always remember the way his hair looked in the tub! It flows in the water & I literally have caught myself laughing out loud… it is the BEST!



Just grab your mitts, soap & you are good to go!mitts




He chews on everything!



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  1. K, these look amazing! Especially paired with tubby Todd! Cutest baby & cutest blog. ?

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