let’s stay home… & eat pizza!

Life right now is busy. Not so much for me but for my husband Eric. He is taking a lot of credits at school & works two jobs. The plan is to go to Medical School so he is taking a lot of hard science classes. I don’t know how he does it, I am so proud of him! I love the sacrifices he is making for our little family & our future. He stays very late at the library most nights so he can study there & not get distracted at home. On Friday night he was able to take a little break & spend most of the night with us! It was the best! I used to love going out on the town & that is great sometimes but staying home is my jam!

We picked up some pizza from Tenney’s in American Fork & went home to cuddled up & spend the night together! We should have got a Redbox because sadly there isn’t a show we are hooked on currently on Netflix, but we watched a couple different shows. I didn’t care what we were watching just as long as I was cuddled up with my two boyfriends!

It was so much fun! I have decided that when Eric has time with us we really do need to make the most of it. Picking up or getting pizza delivered was the best! I want to make it a monthly tradition at least!


Look at this cheese bread!!! My mouth is watering! It was as good as the pizza! I loved that it came with two dipping sauces so I could dip to my hearts content!






Beck just got his first tooth & oh did he look longingly at the pizza as he sucked on his fingers!


I love pizza but oh how I love dessert! At Tenney’s you can order a 9 inch cookie pizza with vanilla ice cream on it! Eric & I ate this much faster than I care to admit! It was so so good! If I am every having a really bad day I might just order one of those because they can turn rain to rainbows haha! It was so yummy!


Check out Tenney’s menu & you will see what I am talking about! Their Backyard BBQ Pizza was our favorite! Not only is the taste great but they have prices you can’t beat! There are 3 Utah locations! Next time we have a night in I am going to make a fort, & plug in our sparkling lights! Especially with a baby nights in is kind of what you have to do so why not make the most of it!


*All opinions are my own!

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  1. I just ate dinner and this post makes me hungry. That dessert cookie looks amazing! I want to make one now. My fave pizza is a meat lovers. Plus you can’t forget the cheese sticks.

  2. My favorite pizza is pizza haha but probably hawaiian

  3. Mouth watering right now!! Definitely Hawaiian ??

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