Summer should get a speeding ticket!

I am going to miss these warm summer nights so much! I feel like I haven’t got my full feel of summer nights! I haven’t spent too much time outside at night because Beck always needs to go to sleep and gets super fussy in the evenings! I am not trying to wish away the days at all but I am SO excited for next summer! Eric keeps teasing me about how I keep talking about next summer. I can’t help but think of all the fun things we will do like camping trips, pool days, picnics, splash pads etc. The reason I am so excited is Beck will be old enough to love it all. I can’t wait to take him to the zoo, aquarium, children’s museums & everything else! He will be able to eat watermelon at picnics, even that makes me so excited! With fall just around the corner, I am so pumped to take Beck to his first pumpkin patch & to teach him about the magical season of fall! I already have everything for his Halloween costume & tried it on him the other day & the cuteness is unreal!

Before the leaves start falling, I am going to soak up all the sunshine left & be outside as much as possible! Beck & I are for sure going to the pool at least once this week because it is his happy place! I am also going to have Beck in this snapback hat as much as possible! Binky Bro makes these stylish infant snapback hats. I love the thoughts of a dad and son or mom and son with similar snapbacks… I might have to look for a matching one!

hat 2

hat 5

hat 4

Binky Bro hats fit perfect on a average 7 1/2 month old baby! But one awesome thing about these hats is they have snaps on the back that make the hat able to fit a baby from 5 to 14 months! That means that next summer Beck can still rock this hat!

On their website  they offer 8 different color combo patterns of their classic snapback! I seriously love them! They have a camo print hat that is the best & would be perfect for fall. I am definitely going to have to get at least one more hat for Beck since I love all of them! When I go to the pool this week I am going to have Beck wear his hat to keep the sun out of his eyes. He hates his sun hat because it has a strap under his neck, but he had no problem with this hat! Not only did he not have a problem with the hat, neither did I, it never fell off of him & he never tried to pull it off!

hat 6


This picture kills me! He is such a stinker! Also don’t mind his little scab… He woke up from a nap yesterday with it. When he was a newborn he use to always claw his face when he was mad & constantly had to wear mittens. Well I thought we had long outgrown that stage but I guess I was wrong!

hat 7

Can you look at these photos & not smile? Look at this line up of stylish little men in their snapbacks! I die! These photos are from the Binky Bro website & just melt me! They have some hats that are gender neutral.

baby hats 2

baby hats

Beck is wearing the Reagan hat. I love the bright red with the navy & white stripe! He is for sure wearing this hat on Labor Day as well as the other patriotic holidays and heck maybe even Election Day! I love clothing & accessories that can have a patriotic feel without being strictly patriotic, if that makes sense, it can totally be worn all year long!

This week on my instagram- mckenzieryan, I will be hosting a giveaway with Binky Bro! You don’t want to miss this chance to win one of these hats!


Snapback c/o Binky Bro

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