Dorothy’s Debut Trip!

This past weekend was our first real time taking Dorothy out into the woods! Eric came up with a genius idea that we could go use Dorothy with my family and the boys ( my dad, brothers & Eric) could go backpacking while the girls (my mom & sister) Beck & I stay with Dottie at a campsite! It was the perfect plan! We asked my family if they were game and right away we set a date! Having the date set definitely gave us more motivation to work harder so that Dottie would be ready to use!

Well the thing about perfect plans is that sometimes they end up changing… We got to Trial Lake in the Uinta Mountains in Utah and the boys made sure us girls knew how to operate the trailer, use the generator etc. Then off the boys drove to a trail head to then backpack in. Not too long after they left us girls noticed lots of smoke and a red sky. We were pretty certain there was a forest fire somewhere but we were not exactly sure how far away it really was. Well the sky got worse and maybe 3 hours later the boys showed up at camp. Backpacking was not a possibility anymore. The boys had run into people on the trial that had had a helicopter come in and tell them they needed to leave. The guys were a little bummed but I was honestly a little relieved that they were there in case we were going to need them for anything. Also Eric had forgot to leave the trailer keys with me so if we had wanted to run to town for a drink haha there was no way to lock up Dottie!

The fire sure did make the sky look beautiful!



Traveling with a baby takes a lot of work! Beck had his moments but it was a special thing to take Dorothy on her first trip with it being Beck’s first camping trip too! I also kind of loved that Eric got to be there to watch Beck do something that Eric loves so much!

beck blue eyes.jpg


There is never a shortage of people that want to hold and love on Beck!

beck and ray.jpg

trailer 2

beck and chief.jpg

I swear his eyes were the biggest and most blue this weekend! He is just too cute for me to handle!

beck in chair.jpg

beck in trailer.jpg

He looks so big “sitting up!”

beck trailer.jpg

It was hard for Beck to take naps since he isn’t the best nap taker anyway, but there were sweet moments like this where he couldn’t fight it anymore.


ticket to ride

I am a big game lover! It is probably since I am so competitive.. I am working on it haha. Have you played Ticket to Ride? It is so fun! We get so into it!

We brought the wrong TV cable for the DVD player which was a bummer. But we told ourselves we would be fine and it was fine but the next day we had to go to town to get water because the water at the campsites wasn’t safe to drink so we found an ACE hardware and they had the cord so we got that and it was a hit haha. Us girls are so high maintenance!

hoodie beck.jpg

beck and i

It was a perfect weekend getaway! I know we will share so many memories with Dorothy! I bought a journal to keep in one of her drawers that we can write about every trip in. I am going to love going back to read all the precious moments over the years!