Dorothy-our 1959 glamper!

I never thought I would be a trailer person! But I married Eric and things changed. We would talk about trailers and he would tell me about cool ideas he had and we thought it would be fun to redo one someday! We had look at some online but they were always really expensive so I did not give the idea much more thought after that. We had been married a little over a year and our elderly neighbor one day had a canned ham show up in his driveway across the street! We wondered if it was for sale and decided to go over and ask him about it! He hadn’t listed it anywhere or it for sure would have been gone for the price! We instantly fell in love not even knowing if our car could pull it! Next thing it was ours and he helped us move it across the street!

It was quite the project to undertake and it took more time and money than we thought it would, but finally a year and a half later it is done! (For the most part! A new paint job and some other things like the counter tops will be tackled next spring!) Dottie feels like part of the family and I cannot wait for the sweet memories our little family will share with her! Later I will have to share before pictures and talk about the process of fixing her up but for now I just want to share her all glamped up!





I had no idea how expensive foam is! This foam in the cushions is the original foam so we had to try a lot of remedies to clean it up and make it not stink! The cushion covers are of course new and I love the bright orange! It is so cheery! The table slides down and the cushions lay on top and make a decent sized bed!


DSC_4134The bedroom area is actually pretty roomy! We each have our own bed light which is so nice!



Our last name is so long I could only get one picture with all of the letters in it! This is on the wall right above the bed!






There isn’t much wall space and even less places where you can hang things! I had to get a little creative and while if I could have nailed into the outside walls I would have arranged things differently.


This is our little ice box! In the future I want to powder coat the ice box and the stove but that wasn’t a top priority right now.


The backsplash is my favorite! We searched long and hard to find something that would work! We had to use peel and stick to make it light enough for the trailer and actual tile could crack and break as we drove. It was so easy to put up and I love the way it turned out! This kettle and mugs can be found here. I have a bunch of the mugs and not only are they stylish but so awesome for camping of any kind!

I love the feeling that whenever we have a free day here or there we can pack up the 3 of us and off we go! It doesn’t cost a lot to use her and it is the perfect size for our little family! Sometimes we talk about tiny houses and look at all the creative storage ides on Pinterest but I think for now we will stick with good ol’ Dorothy!